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Photo credit (above): Susquehanna University and SGC Power

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Clean energy workers are a fast-growing and visible part of Pennsylvania’s economy. Today, almost 10,000 workers in the renewable energy industry bring clean, affordable and reliable electricity powered by solar, wind, and low-impact hydro to Pennsylvanians’ homes. The number of jobs in Pennsylvania’s wind and solar industries continues climbing each year, proving “Renewables Work for PA.”

To ensure the renewable energy economy continues to develop in the Commonwealth, a group of Pennsylvania businesses and renewable energy advocates support a swift increase in the state’s renewable energy goals. Such a move will further spur economic recovery in the wake of the pandemic and create tens of thousands of family-sustaining jobs for Pennsylvanians - all without state revenues.

We urge the Pennsylvania General Assembly and the Governor to increase Pennsylvania's renewable energy goals as part of an economic recovery plan to create tens of thousands of new jobs without state revenues. 


We support the following minimum goals: 

18% renewable energy by 2025

5.5% in-state solar with at least 1.75% coming from distributed solar energy

Exploration of renewable energy storage in PA


Our Supporters

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Join the Campaign:

If you are a clean energy business in Pennsylvania and would like to join our campaign, please email Sharon Pillar at

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